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Hangar 6 Air CafeLynnFleck



Flew in for a wonderful family dinner.

The restaurant is great, the food is fantastic, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. My son loved the playground. Hangar 6 Air Cafe is our new favorite place for a “$100 hamburger”.

First time here, food very good

This location I found about through the Hampton Inn while staying here for a few days. It’s located by Garner Field, and I met some friends there for dinner and the food was very good. I had a burger(forgot its name) it was a 1/2 pound patty with pulled pork cole slaw, and ghost pepper cheese, with bbq

Very Nice!

I had breakfast at Hanger 6 Air Cafe this morning. My server, Brandon, was friendly, quick-witted, and offered suggestions for what was a delicious breakfast. My omelet, hash browns, and biscuit were delicious. The coffee was perfect. Brandon kept my cup filled, so it was hot for my whole meal. Great experience at a really nice place!

New Kid on the block

Pretty good. I was surprised that it was very good and well prepared food. We shall see if it can have staying power. I had shrimp tacos and they were excellent. No skimping here.

Glad we found it!!!

Went yesterday and loved the location. I had the shrimp tacos which were great. A jalapeño sauce and slaw were on the two tacos and there were sides of fries and slaw. Husband had a cheeseburger with tortilla soup (spicy). This place reminded me of a café at an airport in days gone by. Good lunch crowd. 

Nice place

Ate here while visiting friends and family here in uvalde, Heard about the place from a pamphlet left in the hotel lobby and it was very good. I had a burger called the Stearman, which had 1/2 pound patty, with pulled pork, cole slaw,bbq sauce(which i had them put that on the side) and a lice of ghost pepper cheese,wow…