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Stop by Uvalde Flight Center for fuel and enjoy a $100 Hamburger

Enjoy any Hangar 6 Burger meal with the purchase of $100 of Avgas or Jet Fuel pumped from our fuel truck.

Click here to check Current Fuel Prices. SS fuel available.

Huff Air MuseumWarbird in flight

Visit the Huff Air Museum while you are here, and see our Warbirds and other classic aircraft.

Uvalde Flight Center – serving Garner Field Airport (KUVA)

Whether you’re here for business, hunting, pleasure, or just stopping in to refuel, Uvalde Flight Center is dedicated to providing pilots and private aircraft owners high quality airport services and competitive fuel prices.

– Please watch for Crop Dusters in the area –


KUVA | Garner Field Airport
Located on the East side of the field
301 Airport Blvd
Uvalde, TX 78801


Phone: 830-279-0877
Fax: 830-486-0332

Operating Hours:

7:00am – 8:00pm
7 days a week

Uvalde Flight Center